Mike and Trina - Canvas Event Space Wedding in Sodo Seattle

Mike and Trina are incredible people - and choosing Canvas Event Space as their venue certainly reflects their simple, creative style and love of Seattle - located in SODO Canvas is a modern, architectural space that has plenty of unique features and rooms and is a wedding photographer's dream! Of course, Trina and Mike are also so laid back and accommodating that taking portraits with them and their bridal party didn't feel like any work at all. It was more like hanging out with a cool group of friends/models - these girls and guys clean up well! The only hitch were the bow-ties - the gentleman were busy watching youtube videos all morning to try to get those puppies right! In the end, it made for a great photo story! Special thanks to Zack of Folk and Lore photography for hiring me on to shoot this wedding with him - I always have such fun and good conversations!