Parsons Gardens Downtown Seattle Elopement | Seattle Elopement Wedding Photographer

Small weddings and elopements might just be my favorite type of wedding to shoot...for a few reasons: 1. They are focused on the couple getting married and each guest or witness who is there is deeply entwined in their love story 2. Quiet and uninterrupted time for wedding photos! 3. Taking the time to enjoy each moment together on a special day.

For Ricky & Kari, their relationship was definitely at the forefront of all of their decisions to get married in downtown Seattle at the beautiful Parsons Gardens. When we first met up in a Starbucks downtown, they didn't have a venue, just a plan and a wedding photographer, and that everything was just a detail for their day besides having family and beautiful photos of their day speaks volumes about their connection. In fact, September 22 was a very significant date for them; it was the date they first met. Exactly 7 years later they tied the knot, and I couldn't have been happier to be the one they chose to document their beautiful day and their own personal love story.