Swans Trail Farms Snohomish & Seattle Wedding Photographers

If you're tired of seeing gorgeous and rustic barn weddings with beautiful couples, stop reading here! I had the pleasure of tagging along with Rachel Howerton Photography to this absolutely perfect wedding at Swans Trail Farm in Snohomish, WA, just a short but scenic trip from Seattle. This has to be one of my favorite wedding venues in the Greater Seattle Area, since the perfectly rustic chic decor, and a working farm rolled into one is my ultimate MO. That's right, you can get married AND buy your produce here, ladies and gents. Chance and Gracia are one of those couples whose connection is unspoken, but even so, their beautiful personal vows really showed their deep commitment to supporting each other and creating a shared life together. You might notice that their ceremony included....a baseball bat. That's because Gracia's dad (and the officiant of their wedding, no less) is a baseball coach, and to date his daughter you have to come to his house, look him in the eye, and sign the bat as a pledge that you'll protect and respect his little girl. Chance, as everyone hoped, was the last to sign that bat, and it was inherited by the couple the day Gracia took Chance's last name. How sweet!