Salish Lodge Snoqualmie Falls Adventure Elopement by PNW Wedding Photographers Entwined Weddings

I love all weddings equally, but what really makes me excited to shoot is the opportunity to do creative portraits - which is why intimate weddings and elopements are so fun as a photographer, because of the small (or no) guest count, there is a lot of time and flexibility to create stunning photos. This couldnt be more true of Jackie and Rollo's wedding, a true PNW Adventure Elopement at Snoqualmie Falls and then an intimate family only ceremony and reception at Salish Lodge! Check out the stunning portraits we grabbed at the bottom of Snoqualmie Falls! Jackie and Rollo got engaged just 6 weeks before their wedding, and decided fall was a perfect time of year in the PNW for some gorgeous wedding pics, and they were so right!