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Wedding Photography that stands the test of time

Wedding Photography is a high priority for many couples planning their wedding day, because photography is one of the only ways of preserving the moments, emotions, and memories of that day. It's easy to follow popular wedding trends, or get lost in pinterest gallery inspiration, but what about your wedding will you want to remember most? After the dress and the tux come off, and the guests have enjoyed the wedding cake, your wedding photos exist long into the future of your marriage. Loved ones who come to celebrate with you will be photographed too, holding those moments in time in photos for years and generations to come. Here are some of my best tips to booking a wedding photographer whose work will leave you smiling on your 25 year anniversary:

1. Genuine emotion - A wedding is a milestone moment in your life. Every imaginable emotion might be brought up on a wedding day. Your parents beam with pride, and shed tears of joy. Feelings of hope for the future flood every guest as you recite your heartfelt vows. Love and happiness are all around. Pay close attention to the feeling you get from the portfolio of a wedding photographer. Do you feel the moment? If you smile back at the couple on the screen, chances are you've found a wedding photographer who can beautifully capture genuine emotion. 

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2. Style and Beauty - Style is a personal thing, and an important quality when choosing which wedding photographer to book. If you look at their images and say, " Wow, that's beautiful, " that's a good indication that your styles match. Not every moment or detail may be elaborate or complex, but each image is an indication of the aesthetic choices that your photographer will make when deciding how to capture the details of your unique wedding day.

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3. Communication and Planning - Planning tools help your wedding day run smoothly and help you achieve your vision. Similarly, the best way for your wedding photographer to ensure that your photos capture all of the desired events and important objects to you is to write out a wedding photography shot list requesting those 'can't miss' photo ideas. The more information and the more your wedding photographer knows who you are and what is important to you, the better service they can provide you on your wedding day. Ask your photographer what the process looks like right from booking through delivery of images, and you will get a good idea of how hands-on your wedding photographer will be, and what they will expect from you.

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4. Dealing with the unexpected - Perhaps you've dreamed of an outdoor ceremony in a field at sunset, or you can't imagine family photos without your pet, but sometimes the weather or other situations prevent that from happening. Work with your photographer to come up with alternative plans for bad weather, alternate locations in case of closures or construction, and designate reliable helpers to manage any four-legged family members. After all, the less responsibility you take on on your own wedding day, the more time and energy you can devote to enjoying the experience and having beautiful memories (and photos) of your day.

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