3 Reasons you should book an engagement photo session - Seattle Wedding Photographers

You just popped the question, or you just said yes to one of the most important questions of your whole life - how exciting! Planning a wedding can lead to so many more questions - where will you get married, who will be invited, and what you'll wear are just a few of the many things you'll need to think about over the next few months. But before all that, there is one thing that you need to know: the 3 reasons you should book an engagement photo session. 

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1. To get to know your wedding photographer

 I can't stress this point enough! There are hundreds of talented photographers near where you live or are getting married who would probably do an equally good and professional job as your wedding photographer, but what you should focus on when meeting, booking, and having photos taken by your photographer, is how well you 'click'. (Oh look, I made a photography pun!) Having an engagement session allows you to work together one on one without the pressures and stresses of your wedding day, and gives you an idea of how your photographer works with people from behind the camera so that you know what to expect come the big day.

2. To celebrate this exciting time in your life

Weddings are beautiful, it's true, but another great reason to take engagement photos is to capture some memories of the time before you were married. This is an opportunity to be creative in celebrating your time together as a couple, doing things that are meaningful to you, and allowing your wedding photographer to tell the beginning of your love story in stunning quality images. Plus, on your tenth anniversary, you can sit down over a nice dinner and look back fondly on your engagement pictures and say things like "Oh wow, look how young we look, this was before we were even married!"

3. To share your love 

Save the dates? Wedding invites? Guest book cover? There are many ways you can use your engagement photos before the big day rolls around. Not to mention, (official) facebook announcements, some gorgeous shots of that new ring, and a beautiful way to connect with family and friends who want to congratulate you on your great news!


Now you know! 3 Great reasons you should book engagement photos with your wedding photographer. PS. I love them so much, a complimentary engagement session is included in all of my wedding packages. I would LOVE to tell your love story.