PNW Proposal Photography at the Great Wheel Downtown Seattle

Oh the stories I could tell about shooting propsals. Of the different wedding photography services I offer, this is probably the toughest because it's a surprise! Especially when that special lady in your life isn't expecting a photographer to pop up on your date night, it's difficult not to spill the beans before the question is popped or tip her off! This Great Wheel / Seattle Boardwalk proposal was AWESOME, but getting there was not so easy. Owen made the best laid plans, but little did we know that on that SAME Tuesday night, another man planned to propose about 30 minutes before him in the same premium car of the Great Wheel (there's only 1 VIP car!), but his girlfriend was running so late that we arrived before she had even shown up! The clevel story we told Kimberley was that the VIP booth comes with a private photographer, but when they showed up and I wasn't in the VIP with the first couple, I had to think fast. I excused myself from the couple and went to chat with 'my boss' about the scheduling. I then had a pretend conversation about why I wasn't in the VIP car with couple #1, telling Owen and Kimberley that 'they wanted their privacy for the proposal'. My story worked, and threw Kimberley off the trail. Owen completed a beautiful proposal, and we got some amazing photos in the booth and on the boardwalk!