The Entwined Weddings Story | Where it all began 

Photography Beginnings

As a student of Visual Communication Design (Graphic Design and Marketing), I spent countless hours in the darkroom perfecting hand crafted prints for my 'fine arts' class, even though it was not my major. Soon I was completely focused on my film photography projects and found myself dedicating long days and sleepless nights to making photography my career. I founded my first company, Christine Wills Photography in 2009 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Born and raised on the Canadian prairies I got my first taste of the wedding photographer's lifestyle in barns and in wheat fields, with grooms in cowboy hats and brides in boots. After graduating with my Bachelor of Design (honors) in 2012, and 4 years shooting weddings in Alberta, my husband and I relocated to just outside of Seattle, Washington where Entwined Portraits and Weddings was born. 

Self portraits in studio circa 2011

What kind of photography equipment do you use?

All camera equipment used by Entwined Weddings is professional quality digital SLR (single lens reflex) and compatible lenses, lighting equipment and special accessories. My main camera body is the Canon 5D Mark 3 (I actually have 2 of these guys), which has dual memory card recording slots so that I have 2 copies of each image taken, which ensures an additional level of protection when shooting your most important images! I favor natural light portraits when possible, but am highly experienced using flashes and other artificial lighting in all conditions including low light and indoors.